Keith Wilson is a local Brisbane sand painting artist who has developed the very unique art style of using coloured sand as a medium to create wonderful, authentic and original art. All of Keith’s sand is natural and blends beautifully to represent the Australian environment.

Traditionally, sand paintings were often called ‘dry paintings’ because ‘fixing’ the sand posed to be quite challenging and this meant that sand paintings were usually temporary art. Keith has perfected a technique to ‘fix’ the sand so the painting becomes permanent and durable and can be enjoyed and appreciated for many years.

keith wilson sand paintings

Many of Keith’s paintings capture the ruggedness and beauty of the Australian landscape. The diversity in the colours of sand provide a varied palette to create depth, shadow and texture in all his paintings. In addition to landscape painting, Keith has used the natural coloured sands well to represent historic buildings and tall ships.

For many years Keith ran stalls at the school fete where children could fill bottles with coloured sands or buy their own coloured sand paining kit. The coloured sand bottles were all so different and had such variation, kids would come again and again to create their own little sand scene. A limited number of kits are still available for purchase.

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